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Carl's Jr. - Clinton

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1868 West 1800 North Clinton UT 84015
1868 West 1800 North Clinton Utah 84015 US

Explore over 500 miles of trails in Davis County.  Get your FREE trail map today at any city office or bike shop in Davis County.

The trail systems in Davis County offer both paved and natural surface trails, mountain trails and lakeshore trails accommodating a wide range of users from bikers and joggers to walkers and strollers. This link provides details on a wide variety of trails within the County.

Davis County’s wide selection of trails (including those on Antelope Island) offers a unique rural/urban quality of life amenity to residents and businesses. Many trails include a great view of the world famous Great Salt Lake and have an abundance of wildlife.

Cities within the County also provide trail systems that access the popular D & RG Rail Trail and the Legacy Parkway Trail.  



Monday-Thursday: 5:30 am-11 pm
Friday-Saturday: 5:30 am-Midnight
Sunday: 7 am-10 pm