Holiday Functions Bring Companies and Teams Together

The kids are back in school and summer is winding to a close.  This means that it is now time to start looking ahead to your company’s holiday functions.  Make those plans now for your holiday party, to ensure that the space and dates you want can be reserved.

Taking the Party Out of the Office

It isn’t surprising that the most successful companies treat their employees to an end of the year bash outside of the office walls.  The days of employees gathering over a punch bowl and plate of cookies in the breakroom during the holidays is out. An off-site holiday party is a wonderful way to treat your employees and to thank them for their hard work all year long.  An off-site celebration shows employees that your appreciate them. This can also do wonders for morale around the office that extends well into the New Year.

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Special Event at Davis Conference Center

For the Ultimate Holiday Party, Encourage Family Participation

To really take your company holiday party up a level you can invite employees to bring a spouse, significant other or a date.  Allowing for this plus one can increase attendance to an off-site party. Hence, this can further solidify employee relationships and goodwill towards the company.  Involving those family members builds an even stronger relationship between the employee and the company.

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Holiday Party at Davis Conference Center

The benefits are clearly there, investing in an off-site holiday function is simply good for business.  Treating your employees to this type of yearly event can go a long way to keeping them happy all year long.  Also, this can give everyone a fun corporate event to look forward to.

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Holiday Event at Davis Conference Center

Davis Conference Center offers quality facilities and function halls that can take your corporate holiday party to the next level.  Call the conference center at 801-416-8888 or visit to check availability for your company’s holiday party. 

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