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Our site is currently experiencing difficulties with displaying proper information for our restaurants. Restaurant descriptions and URL links may be incorrect but addresses and phone numbers are accurate. We are actively working on solving this issue. In the meantime, we suggest calling restaurants directly to learn about their current services.

Tourism and Events is actively working on updating all of the Davis County restaurant listings on this page and what services they will be offering during the COVID-19 outbreak. Please visit “All Restaurants” below to find details on specific restaurants and what their various pick up or delivery options are during this time. We also encourage you to call or visit restaurant websites directly to see what services they will offering as information can change by the day. You can access a list of all 400+ restaurants in Davis County and their contact information here.  



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Davis County Tourism is making every effort to ensure we are providing the most up to date information about all of the restaurants in Davis County but assumes no responsibility for errors, omissions, or changes. With over 400 restaurants in the County, there may be some mistakes or omissions in these listings. If you have an update for a restaurant listing, please submit a contact form here.